Music making for groups with additional needs

Here at QM Studios we’re all about making music fun and accessible for all. And that’s exactly what our Music Making Days are geared up to do. Delivered by Adam, Kay , Rob and Joe, QM’s Community Outreach Musicians, these accessible community workshops are designed for groups with additional needs, who can can come to the studio for just the morning or the whole day.

As Adam explains “We start by learning a new song and then work towards recording everyone performing it. Sessions are always relaxed and friendly, tailored to involve everyone, meet the groups needs and run at a pace that will suit everyone”.

And when we record our groups....” adds Kay, “…we always include some focused individual takes in the vocal booth, so even the quieter members of the group will be recorded and heard in some way in the final mix of the song. It’s wonderful to see the guys smile and come out of themselves as they hear their voice in the headphones and start to enjoy playing with the sounds and singing more confidently. Their enjoyment is infectious!

Everyone gets a copy of the final version of their song on CD to keep, after it has been mixed, a week or two after the session.

The cost is £8 per person, for a minimum of 10, although we can cater for up to 16. The studio is fully wheelchair accessible and we’ve got parking vouchers for your vehicles and lots of space so there are no problem for parking minibuses on site.

Kay and Adam can also work on larger projects with your group, over a number of sessions to create, perform and record your very own original song, as they did with PASCO.

If you are interested in getting your group involved in one of these sessions we’re now taking booking for the next programme of Music Making Days. Contact Kay or Adam on to find out more,and discuss how we can make the day work best for you.

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