Volunteers Week 2018

It's volunteers week!

To celebrate, we have reached out to our hard-working volunteers to get an insight into what work they do here at QM, and how working at the studio has helped them gain new skills.

We run an outreach day every Thursday for community groups, charities, and schools. During this time, Joe, Mat, Leo, Nick, and Ryan join us to help run the sessions or carry out other additional tasks like social media. Let’s not forget Rob, who also helps in the studio on different days. They all have different responsibilities to ensure the studio runs smoothly and projects can go ahead without a hitch.

We conducted a quick Q&A session with each of them which we have displayed some highlights below:

  • What responsibilities were you given when you started?

‘I was given technical support over the recording studio, helping around the studio with setting up equipment’.

‘Music workshop assistant/technical support’.

‘DJing and editing’.

‘Shadowing on logic and helping pack away sessions’.

‘Social media- assisting with the Facebook page’.

  • What are your responsibilities now?

‘Much the same as before, however I’ve now been upgraded to production assistant!’.

‘Leading various tasks with different abled groups’.

‘Much the same, editing and DJing at the Blue Oasis’.

‘Similar but now doing recording in sessions and using the Tascam’.

‘Still working in social media. Working on promoting the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Helping to maintain the website and branching out to help with additional projects’.

  • What have you learnt whilst volunteering at QM studios?

‘More about logic’.

‘I have learnt how to use logic’.

‘How to problem solve’.

‘Overcome my fears of working with large groups’.

‘Further production techniques and general set-up of microphones and equipment’.

‘I have learnt how to set-up a studio room with lighting, mics and PA system’.

We also asked them to write a small statement about their experience here at QM Studios. Check them out below:

  • ‘Volunteering at QM has helped me use my time in the week more positively. I have gained more experience with logic. The other staff are friendly and make a good environment for the studio and for groups coming in for sessions’.

  • ‘I had never worked with groups before working here. It was all new to me and I was nervous. However, Adam took the time to really explain how things were done and what not and what to do. I was then able to put the lessons I was learning at school to practice in these sessions’.

‘Over time my confidence, knowledge of live sound, group work, disabled needs and instrument skills have all greatly improved and it would not have happened so quickly without QM’.

‘All good experience. The people and volunteers are very friendly and helpful’.

Volunteering can be a great way of meeting new people, learning new skills and feeling a sense of achievement. If you’re interested in volunteering at the studio and think you have something to offer, contact us at info@qmstudios.co.uk.

We would like to take the opportunity this week to thank all our volunteers for all the hard work they do here at the studio.

© Dennison
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