Butterfly Project- Same Difference To Me

Some of the guys from The Butterfly Project have been working incredibly hard over the last 6 weeks to create their very own song. The song showcases some of their favorite activities that they do at the project as well as providing some incredible vocals.

Check out the track below or on Soundcloud

Since they started attending QM studios, we have been blown away by their enthusiasm, excitement and dedication to their work. They have continued to improve in their singing abilities with the help of Jodie and the rest of the team here at QM Studios.

Big thanks toJack, one of the volunteers here at QM Studios for his work in mixing the track. Joe for his continued skills in Logic recording. Pat, Ryan, Adam and Jodie for assisting with running the workshops. Also a huge thank you to the staff at the Butterfly Project for providing support with the sessions.

They are moving onto the next track, which will be a Christmas song over the next 6 weeks. Bringing their total number of songs up to 3.

© Dennison
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