DJ's in the making!

Here at QM Studios, we pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe music environment for all. As part of this, we have run a series of workshops with members of the Butterfly Project who joined us at QM Studios for 4 weeks to learn the ropes of DJ’ing. Simulating a club night using disco lights we created a fun and relaxing environment for them to work in and if the moments of singing, and dancing were anything to go by, everyone had a fantastic time.

The sessions were used to teach the group the skills they needed to perform as special guest DJs at the Blue Oasis, club night at the Horsham Drill hall on 14 February.

The group were taught how to cue up, using headphones and practice their microphone techniques for introducing tracks. They came up with their own DJ names and some even created their own introductory soundtrack. They all carefully selected their own set-list that they wanted to play on the night and were coached on what songs worked well together. Adam and Kay ran the sessions along with some of the volunteers at QM studios.

Blue Oasis is organised by Horsham District Council and runs 4 times a year. It was created more than 12 years ago to enable those with additional needs and to enjoy a night out in a fun, safe environment.

The feedback from the Butterfly Project was extremely positive and we're excited to say they will be coming back in March to do a singing and recording project. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

© Dennison
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