Rezzo Bob- Evolution

QM Studios are proud to present to you a new song produced by Rob Adams AKA Rezzo Bob. He has worked closely with the studio for a number of years and we are continued fans of his work.

Rob provided us with some information about the track which is summarised below;

The piece contains - 23 software instrument tracks (MIDI).

3 Audio tracks consisting of 2 clap tracks and 1 fx track.

Of the 23 software instrument tracks 21 tracks are of the EXS24 sampler - Logic Pro X’s sampler.

These sampler tracks include recordings from a caixa, finger clicks, a bongo, a tambourine, Korg - micro Korg synth/vocoder and electric guitar Effects that I have recorded myself. The rest of the sampler tracks are from Logic’s EXS24 sampler library.

In terms of inspiration the first thing about the making of this track was the name of the track that was a suggestion from a friend. I generally like to think of a good name and angle for a track before I begin making a track. I like to think of the techniques I’m going to use for the track and what it might be involved musically. The way I went about making this track involves a lot of use of the Logic Pro X sampler, the ESX24. Basically how this works is you get a piece of audio from a recording and load it into the sampler so you can trigger it when you want to. For example when I used a recording of a tambourine recorded using a microphone onto Logic Pro then added it into the sampler. I could then uses a midi keyboard to trigger the sound when I wanted it to play. I could then quantise and edit as I wished.

We look forward to hearing more!

© Dennison
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