Springboard’s ‘Music Making Day’

The Springboard Project, Hurst Road, Horsham, recently brought a group of young people to one of our Music Making Sessions . They were full of enthusiasm for the day!

The young people who came to the session were able to use our studio equipment and experience a fun session recording and music making! The studio staff are experienced in providing fun and accessible workshops for groups for all abilities, specialising in groups with additional needs.

“From my point of view the sessions are great. They are very relaxed and work around the young people. I have been to activities where there is an unfair emphasis for everyone (staff included) to engage and do so in the way that the person leading the session wants them to. However in all of the three sessions we have been to (at QM)... the young people and staff are allowed to engage in their own way....and explore the other equipment at QM. Indeed allowing a young person to use the computer equipment while at a previous drumming session, led us to attend this third Music Making Day session and QM staff are always very quick to pick up on people interests." Scott Bacon, Springboard.

If you are interested in getting your group involved in one of these sessions we’re now taking booking for the next program of Music Making Days. Contact Kay or Adam on info@qmstudios.co.uk to find out more, and discuss how we can make the day work for you and your group.

© Dennison
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