Dom’s Story

One Musician to have benefited from the community-focused projects at QM Studios is Dominic McMahon aka Krystal Gob.

In 2009 he reached the final of a national beat boxing competition. Now aged 29 music is still a big part of Dom’s life and QM Studios has given him the opportunity to record in a professional environment.

When I started out, beatboxing was huge” says Dom “There are beatboxers on YouTube with a big following but it needs something new to bring it into the mainstream. I draw from a lot of different sources and my influences are quite eclectic. I want to convey a message covering politics or religious subjects so it’s not just about beat boxing.”

Dom, like a lot of us, has faced challenges in his life and been a regular visitor to QM Studios' Thursday outreach sessions for many years now, having been introduced to QM through our links with the Richmond Fellowship.

I was thinking about packing it in as I was losing confidence, but the guys at QM encouraged me to carry on because music is my passion. Performing music is therapeutic; it is like medicine. It helps you to channel energy into something positive. Now I have confidence to perform”.

"I have been coming to QM Studios for a few years. I visit every week and it has helped me tremendously. I also help at workshops they run for people with disabilities. I like just to help them do what they love doing. It is a big part of my life now.”

Dom wanted to tell his story so we arranged for him to work with Jason Sparks at Ethos Films.

© Dennison
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