QM STUDIOS Gains Charitable Status!

We are thrilled to announce that QM STUDIOS has finally achieved full charitable status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The new charity replaces the Horsham District Live Music Alliance (HDLMA) which has existed as a volunteer organisation since 1999.

Outgoing HDLMA Chairman Mark Daly said ‘The Alliance began with the intention of promoting the enormous amount of un-heard talent within the local area and expanding the live music scene in general. With the aid of a lottery grant they purchased a 2kW PA system, set up QM Studios as a low cost rehearsal and recording facility for local musicians, and funded the annual Horsham District Battle of the Bands competition. Now some 17 years later we feel that we have achieved most of what we set out to do and the music scene is in a pretty healthy state. Becoming a charity is the next logical step and while we will continue to operate as a low cost studio, as we have always done, this change enables us to expand how and who we work with in a more official capacity’.

QM Studios will be looking to increase the day time use of the studio by developing and offering outreach and educational programmes and providing access to professional quality equipment and services. They aim to support and enable music makers in the community particularly those from vulnerable groups.

Mark continues ‘We are keen to work in collaboration and form partnerships with other organisations and groups looking to access, make and be involved in music. We have a wonderful facility which we have upgraded and invested in over the last couple of years and work with some very talented musicians who are skilled at making music as accessible and inclusive as possible and we want more people to benefit from that’.

Another great boost for QM Studios is that David Essex agreed to be our patron. David hired the studio in the run up to his latest tour and instantly got the work that QM Studios delivers and was keen to support it.

Mark adds ‘On a personal level I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the HDLMA since the beginning. I am proud to have been Chairman for so many years and to have worked with so many talented and enthusiastic people. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in the story of the local music scene and community.

QM STUDIOS is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation: Registered Charity Number 1175178

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Website – www.qmstudios.co.uk

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